★★★★★ A goddess among men 

A powerful spirit overflowing with energy to relax and invigorate you from the toil of life’s drudgery.  Let go and surrender to the spirit of life with a wizard of wonder.  This high priestess of passion will reach into you and soothe the aches of life. Emptying you out onto the altar and filling you back up with vigor to go back to the grind of work with your light restored.  Great communication.

★★★★★ Best FBSM of all time

To start the communication was very quick and easy. Was lucky enough to get a same evening appointment. The directions were very easy and plenty of parking in the area. August Grace was the real deal. It is her pictures on the web and as others have reported she looks even better in person. The session itself was simply amazing. Started with a warm hug and the massage was to die for. You just feel a connection as soon as she starts. It’s actually exactly what I have been looking for over the years. Just perfect.

★★★★★ One of the best I’ve seen

I’ve seen August Grace twice for FBSM.  Both meetings were great.  She is smart, personable, professional, sane – all the things you would like in a provider.  I think she is more attractive than her profile pics would indicate.Her space is very nice.  A shower is available before and/or after the session.  She has a great touch and understands how to handle a man.  I will repeat.

★★★★★ Incredible connection

August is an amazing gem to find. She communicates extremely well, remembered small things I had mentioned weeks before. Her place is quite nice and suits her style. She is a beautiful woman, her body is so amazing, her skin so soft, her presence so warm and inviting. From the moment I walked in I knew I was in good hands. My only wish is I should have booked 90 minutes – because it was that wonderful.

★★★★★ Best FBSM Ever!

WOW!  The welcome hug was a sign of where this was going and it just got better. A wonderful mix of massage and sensual touch that makes me wonder how I lasted 90 minutes. She utilizing her whole body to connect with your body.  I can’t say enough it was simply an amazing session. Incall is clean, comfortable and easy to find and screening process smooth. Truly professional woman who knows what the hell she is doing. Is there a 6 star??  To call her ATF is understatement. I will be running back at my next opportunity.. I will end as I started – WOW!!

★★★★★ OMFG

This woman is a GODDESS…I felt so comfortable from beginning to end. The space was beautiful and welcoming. Her eyes are gorgeous and her smile is amazing. Her body is curvy and soft. Her sensuality is out of this world. She treated me like a king and made my body explode with pleasure. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! check her out. I promise you won’t be upset. Thank you so much for that amazing experience. I will be back…Trust me.

★★★★★ FBSM, Kama Sutra style

August was my last indulgence before covid hit, and after a long break, she was my first one to restart this lovely hobby.  She has amazing moves and what makes her moves so amazing is perception.  She listens to your body and knows when to hold a tease and when to move to another.  Truly an artist.  I need to do a 90 or 120 next time. Nuts & bolts:  nice apartment in a new building. Shower had unscented options, which is a nice touch (I wish ALL ladies had that option. P.S. she has an amazing body too.  She is very athletic & toned, yet also has soft curves, a rare combination She’s going to be an expensive habit.:)

★★★★★ Joining her fan club! Such a Beautiful Person!

August reminds me of some of the most amazing ladies (now retired) that had defined what FBSM truly is supposed to be. A rare combination of intuition, self-confidence, and acceptance of others that can transform a nice massage into something transcendental . August has those gifts. Her skills are top notch and her personality is kind and friendly with a hint of naughtiness. She is absolutely gorgeous  and very attentive. Her incall is clean and tidy and she is the perfect hostess! From entering her door to exiting the same door approx. an hour later, I was extremely appreciative of every effort and gesture made for my benefit and comfort. I truly can’t say enough good things about her.

★★★★★ Pleasant surprise

Follow the instructions on her website and screening was quick and easy. I arrived to find a woman much sexier than the pictures portray. Her space was neat and impeccably clean. the Way she moves and takes control made me feel completely at ease and extremely relaxed. Her ability to deliver energy and sensuality is second to none. Went in with low expectations and was absolutely blown away. From the moment I walked in to the time I left it was euphoric. Will definitely be back to see her again.

★★★★★ Sensuality at its Best

I’ve been fortunate enough to see August a couple of times now and will continue to put her on  my calendar. Scheduling through her website was a breeze and she responds within a reasonable amount of time. Her place is appropriately appointed, parking is convenient and her rules actually put you at ease considering our current conditions. Once in her room, the level of attention paid to you is unmatched. She could literally teach her level of sensuality to young ladies on PD and us true hobbyists would be eternally grateful. I told her when I met her that her pictures exudes sexuality. I look forward to the next, next and next encounter.

★★★★★ Best overall experience

Was able to connect for a 90 min session. From beginning to end, it was superb. Best experience I have had to date when it comes to being in a state of immense relaxation. It’s literally like you walk into another world and all of your issues go away and you are the focal point. The hand work of this experience will keep you at attention but that’s just the tip of iceberg.. the attention she pays to your body’s reaction is unmatched. If you’re on the fence about a provider you CANNOT go wrong here.

★★★★★ One of the best

I have done a couple sessions with August and it’s beyond time for a review. Booking is always easy through her website, you just have to make sure she isn’t traveling. Her incall is top notch, an upscale apt with tons of space and a very clean. What I love about her sessions is that it’s more of a tantric/sensual experience rather than a rub down. We built a great connection and she has a great body. Its much more interactive than most FBSMs and the entire experience is both draining but also refreshing for the spirit. Another nice shower post session and I was a happy camper.

★★★★★ I can’t get enough

I had been following August for quite a while in 2019 and finally got verified by her in early 2020.  Other fbsm sessions I had just always feel a little short after my ATF retired in 2018.  Had to wait out 2020 for covid to let up a bit, and then reached out to August earlier this year to set an appointment.  What a mistake I had made by not meeting her before covid!  She far exceeded what I had hoped for in a sensual massage session.  Her energy and touch are exquisite and kept me both relaxed and sensually excited at the same time.  Upon arrival receiving her hugs and caress set the tone of the session helping me to relax and succumb to her guiding hands.  This was one of the best sensual massage sessions I have ever had! I have visited August three times now and each session is unique and satisfyingly refreshing.  I have now found my new ATF, and I cannot get enough.

★★★★★ Slow and Sensual FBSM, the real deal

Seeing Augustgrace was a great experience.  Slow and sensual, truly one of the best at her craft, and she’s been doing this for a while and refined it to perfection.  Incall location in Oakland was a very spacious modern condo complex with readily available street parking.  The apartment is immaculately clean and comfortable.  She combines a sense of physical and emotional connection with a highly skilled and flowing  CMT style.  I was a little surprised at first that she didn’t use a massage table, but soon realized that the bed format works much better for all the writhing, sliding, embracing and canoodling.  Standard fbsm boundaries as stated in her ad, and her ad pictures are definitely her and recent/accurate.  Definitely on the highly recommended list and also the short list for repeat encounters.

★★★★★ Classy, beautiful, loving touch

August brings the best of all worlds to any who visit her: a wonderful healing touch clearly earned from years of massage practice, and a lovely athletically curvy body that will delight every sense and excite every part of you. Her loving compassionate presence is matched by her intuitive hands and graceful movements to create such a rush of pleasure that you’ll be in a great mood for days to come. I can’t recommend her highly enough — I keep coming back again and again because she’s that good. August is a feast for every sense and she’ll leave you both ridiculously satisfied and wanting more at the same time. I can’t wait for my next visit!

★★★★★ Sign me up again!

Screening was very simple, Booked appointment, 90 mins went by way too fast. Nice and secure apartment. Once the door open WOW. Beautiful silky smooth porcelain doll. Couldn’t keep my eyes off her. Very comforting hugs, shower before and after. Amazing massage knows all the right pressure points. I can still feel her hands running down my back haha. Great experience will definitely be seeing her again.

★★★★★ It was the deepest I’ve ever gone

Just met August for the first time recently. She is so cute and sexy, with sparkly eyes and a mischievous grin. I am typically not comfortable receiving and I play more of a dominant top role in most my interactions. August’s presence completely eased my nervous system and allowed me to surrender into her touch like I never have before. I was immediately transported into an alternate universe of bliss and tantalizing pleasure. Only way I can describe it is as a journey into inter-dimensional orgasmic space. I lost track of time and my ability to speak. All that was left was my writhing body and August’s piercing sensual gaze forever etched into my mind. Wow. Looking forward to seeing you again next time I’m in town. 

★★★★★ Definitely worth the wait

I first contacted August in march of 2020 about a week before she stopped seeing clients (stupid Covid). I’ve been stalking/keeping tabs on her ads ever since. When I noticed that her ads changed indicating she was back to seeing clients, I reached out again. Within a few days I was able to schedule 90 min with her. It was so worth the wait! Screening was easy. Her  commitment to hygiene is commendable and put me at ease. Once that routine was completed and the donation was taken care of, it was time to relax (actually melt is a better word) into her sensuousness. August is beautiful and seductive—perfectly curvy and very inviting. The massage was quality and not rushed at all. Her touch was soft in all the right places, with perfect accents of of intensity where it counted. All this worked to get me where I wanted to go and left me relaxed and happy for days after. I don’t visit providers often, but now that August is back in the game, that will likely change!

★★★★★ Relentlessly Sensual

I met August a few years ago and have seen here a number of times since then. I can tell you when I first met her, I was so turned on by her sexy voice. It’s just so sultry and provocative. So just talking with her is exciting for me. Her voice is incredible but that is only a small part of the sensual experience that she is fully capable of providing. She has a certain relentless sensuality that keeps things so hot throughout the session. She is capable of so much with seemingly so little effort. In short if you want a relaxing sensual experience with a super sexy curvy babe who enjoys herself, I highly recommend reaching out to her. 

★★★★★ Incredible

August is warm and welcoming. Her setup is clean, easy to get to, and comfortable. She’ll have you shower when you get there and you can shower after, too. She may even join and help you wash up. In addition to being sexy and extremely skilled at giving pleasure (her touch drives me absolutely wild), she’s playful and affectionate. I’ve seen her twice and can’t wait to see her again. She’s the best!

★★★★★ Amazing Massage!

August was an absolute pleasure to be with.  Her communication was easy and straightforward.  Her location was very clean and beautifully set up.  From the moment I entered she was super friendly and accommodating.  It was obvious that she loves what she does and was enjoying the experience as much as I was.  She really made the extra effort and it was very much appreciated!  She is super sexy and fun.

★★★★★ A sensual treat

Fairly easy to connect and get screened through email. Once we were past the screening, she sent the directions. I was impressed by how crisp her communication is. She is in a safe upscale location with easy street parking. I was happy to see her at the door. And the warm hug from her prepared me for the session to follow. She has a unique style that helps you feel connected and intimate while keeping everything safe. Had a great time and can’t wait to connect again for a repeat.

★★★★★ Blissful experience

August provided a wonderful, blissful experience. She was very attentive and really understood exactly what I desired. She used all of her wonderful assets in some very innovate ways that I am looking forward to experiencing again! I definitely recommend going for as long of an appointment as you can – it will be worth it. Her location was very nice, easy to get to and her communication was excellent.

★★★★★ ATF!

I have met August couple of times and she is incredible every time! Connecting was a breeze and she has very nice place. Always is warm welcoming. Covid protocol followed which put me at ease. Her skills are simply next level. Super relaxing massage and she was happy to focus on my few knots. She is queen of touch. Gentlemen don’t kiss and tell but all I can say is that I was sure to be happy and relaxed!  I highly recommend her.

★★★★★ Wow!

Not much more to say! I had a really great experience with August Grace, she has a very welcoming vibe and provides a comfortable and relaxing environment. August is easy to get a hold of and responds quickly. I immediately felt at ease while also being taken aback by how pretty and sensual she is. August has strong hands, beautiful soft skin, and knows exactly where and how to apply the right amount of pressure… you won’t be disappointed!

★★★★★ Sensual

I had a great time with August.  She’s very intimate and caring to your needs.  She’s also punctual and professional.  I would luv to see her more.  Feels great after the session.  Place is nice and comfortable.  She’s beautiful and just my type.  Nice soft skin goes well with her personality and voice.  She’s also very attentive and focused on you.  Her sessions are great and would luv to regularly see her.

★★★★★ Very comforting, and attention to detail

If you are in the same town as this woman, please go get you an escape. It is worth your time and money. Very nice and easy to talk to, very clean and the accommodations are outstanding. Not a clock watcher and it’s definitely the person in the pictures, looks much better in person. I will recommend the services to anyone in need of a breath of fresh air .  Gentle soul with a smile and personality to match.

★★★★★ One of the best

I had the very real pleasure to have a recent massage with mutual touching at her incall location. August welcomed me into her nice and neat apartment with a warm, friendly smile and I followed her into the bedroom which was well decorated and dimly lit creating a relaxing mood. After a shower she joined me on the bed and began the massage. The whole experience which followed was one of delightful, sensual touching and caressing each other. She varied the ebb and flow with her magic touch so that were peaks and valleys to enjoy along the way. Her experience and knowledgeable skills were clearly evident during the session and I left feeling a warm glow of enchantment and will return again to enjoy her company as August definitely puts the Sensual in a FBSM.

★★★★★ Words escape me

Where to start. I wrote to her asking if she was able to schedule a appointment , almost immediately i got a email back asking when and how long. Communication is easy and quick, as soon as i got there she made me feel relaxed and pretty soon i was putty in her hands haha. I was so nervous but she made me feel relaxed and so good. The way she works just makes everything melt away. It was my first time trying something like this and i am definitely looking to go again. Thank you so much for seeing me and hope to see you in the future! P.S. I cant describe it, you gotta see for yourself!

★★★★★ Wondrous visit

Just a fantastic session with August Screening was straightforward and quick.  The location was minutes off the freeway in a nice neighborhood with plenty of street parking, clear directions once you enter the building.  Her place is nice, shower is huge and used before & after, the room is cool and in a sensual red Upon meeting and before a warm hug, it was safety and cleanliness first as my mask was placed in by entrance along with my shoes, then washing my hands.  I appreciate these little steps.  After that, she welcomed me with a warm loving hug and held one another until our breathing synced.  I had mentioned in email what I enjoy about bodywork and we started with light touches to awaken the body before she started to work on my back and legs.  She maintained close contact to my body which was nice as I could the breathing synced with her movement.  Touch was constant with one hand always on the body.. sensual energy and touches and some teasing, which I love. 

★★★★★ Beautiful inside out

I have seen August a couple of times now. She is prompt in communication. Setting up the meet is straight forward. She is a good communicator. She paid attention when we discussed my preferences, and she was happy to go with the flow during our meet. She is attractive and connects easily with you. I have only seen her once before but it felt like I was seeing an old friend again. She has a beautiful body and a beautiful mind.

★★★★★ Nice visit

I found August Grace via her Private Delights posting. She refers you to hear personal website where you can prove required screening information and submit your appointment request. This was an easy process as August replied promptly and we found a time that worked. August’s in-call is easy to locate, with nearby parking in a safe quiet neighborhood. Her in-call is an oasis. It has a well stocked shower, is nicely furnished, and she selects perfect background music. August is a beautiful woman; a skilled masseuse; with an enchanting smile. She blends pleasant conversation with quiet lapses that allows one to just lie back and savor the experience. A visit with August is a real treat. I highly recommend August’s services.  She is quite a woman. Thank you August I look forward to future visits.

★★★★★ Incredible experience

Amazing session and woman. Very easy to set up after some standard screening. August welcomed me into her clean space wearing sexy lingerie and was eager to touch. She’s extremely sexual yet has a calm and soothing demeanor. Her body is even better in person and she uses it to provide a one of a kind massage and experience. I highly recommend her. Her stunning looks and personality leave you wanting to return again and again.

★★★★★ One word, Incredible!

7 out of 5 stars is my rating for her Verification is easy and place is safe and clean. She is extremely warm and welcoming. She has a great attitude and dare I say goddess of touch and sensuality. Also, phenomenal with her massage skills. I had a few knots and she knew how to hit the spots correctly. I left super relaxed. It was a genuine pleasure seeing her and definitely will see her again.

★★★★★ Truly amazing

I had such a good time with August. The session was easy to set up. Location was easy to get to, room was clean and had a perfectly calm and intimate atmosphere. She was very accommodating, agreed to see me a little earlier than we had planned. She looks amazing as well, such a cute and friendly smile that set me at easy as soon as I first saw her. As the session moved along and I start to relax from the first-time-nerves of meeting a new provider, it was clear that she knew what she was doing. I can’t tell you how skilled she is with her hands and body. She had me feeling like a puddle of mush after just a couple of minutes, and it only got better from there. It was such a deeply intimate experience. I don’t even have the words to describe it. I will definitely be back to see her soon. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a deeper and more meaningful connection with a provider.

★★★★★ August is sensational!

I had an opportunity to see August today. She is very sensual and never took her attention off me for the entire experience. She lives in a safe clean place easy to find. I enjoyed the environment that she took the time to create, very relaxing and welcoming. She took me on a mental and physical journey I will never forget. Her massage was one of the best I’ve ever had. I can’t wait for the opportunity to see this beautiful, sensual woman again.

★★★★★ 6 stars

First meetings can be a little halting, it can take time for provider and client to get a feel for each other (so to speak) but Mardi Gras afternoon with August was perfect.  We connected very quickly and it was like we were old friends.  She read my rhythms immediately and seemed to know in advance what makes me tick.  (Oh, and she’s smokin’ hot too, pics don’t do her justice). It was one of the best first meetings ever, and the second will be soon)

★★★★★ Best ever for this guy

It is impossible for me to imagine a more fulling FBSM experience.  August Grace has chosen her name well.  She has an august and upstanding grasp of what she is doing.  And she does it with surpassing grace. Our tantra session felt completely genuine and mutual to me.  She has an uncanny intuitive sense of what to do and how to please. Her appearance in person surpasses her pictures.  She has a lovely face and an amazing body.  She has the best breasts I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. But apart from her formidable physical attributes, she is truly lovely person. Thanks, AG. for a wonderful evening.  I will certainly be back soon.

★★★★★ One Blissful and Extraordinary Experience

I recently saw August and experienced the best FBSM experience I ever had! Scheduling a session with August was easy and painless! August is a true professional in all respects! She is pure beauty and magic that all of you must experience at some time in the near future! She is beautiful, classy, and very sexy! Her hands are amazing and her technique is second to none! She is genuine and open to providing an exquisitely erotic experience! Her connection with clients is amazing! I will definitely see her again and enthusiastically recommend her!  Thank you August for being so giving and providing me with a wonderful and blissful experience that I will not soon forget!❤️

★★★★★ Amazing woman

Easy communication after some back-and-forth by email. She was so patient with me. Met August at her incall in Oakland. Plenty of parking. Met her at her door and was truly taken aback by her beauty. Hard to describe but it was a great session that I will remember for a long time. I was lost in her techniques and her looking at me. Hard to wipe the smile off my face. Can’t wait to see her again!!!

★★★★★ Very Fantastic

This was my first meeting with August, and I was nervous. But she makes you feel so very comfortable within the first few minutes. When she opened the door, it was an amazing sight to see; she has curves for days and knows how to use them when giving a massage. After the shower, August took me on a relaxing journey with soft music and touches. Ashamed to say I almost fell asleep because I was enjoying every moment with her. An hour seems very short with August, I will definitely have to stay longer. Very very recommend to go!

★★★★★ Lovingly hhhot!

I have seen august a few times now, each time gets better. Her main location is pretty cool. love the room atmosphere and mattress for massage is just fine for me. Location is fine for me even if I am coming across bay bridge (arggg!). Parking is very easy. I usually go for 60, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for massage. again, fine with me! on the flip as we old hobbyists say, it’s all I can do to keep up with her. the prev reviewer said something about vibration. I don’t know but she does something. August uses her entire body on your entire body and on my gosh! to be sure, it’s all within fbsm boundaries. one last comment, it is mutual, if you want, but august envelops you so well you, that you might not be able to do anything but just receive her!

★★★★★ A sensual treat

She started the session with an embrace, and I felt immediately energized. Her touch is electric. She is a totally sensual, total sensory experience. She even uses the vibration of her breathing through skin contact–I don’t know how she does it but I need to feel it again. Her pics are accurate, and possibly undersell her curves. I will repeat for sure. After screening (which did not take long), scheduling was a breeze. Communication was prompt and straightforward.

★★★★★ Unreal, passionate, and fun

So, as my first review, I am resolute that my time with August was insanely worth while.  I saw her while on the road for biz in an impulsive moment.  What a freaking good idea that turned out to be!  August is so passionate, intuitive, and emotes such great vibes – what more could one ask for?  We seemed to connect and I got lost in the undulating waves of relaxation, passion, and intimacy where she took me on a soulful and artistic journey that defies easy description.  There is no hesitation in recommending that you quit reading right now and give her a call.  Just amazing and I plan on seeing her again!

★★★★★ A true gem

I just love seeing August. She is so easy to get along, her attitude, intellect, and wonderful personality are so alluring. Her place is clean quiet and hidden. I have seen her more than once and as you get to know her the sessions get better. She is my favorite I just wish I lived closer. She is not to be missed. So to sum up what I liked about August, well is everything. She is fit curvy and her voice in my ear I can still hear. Just a gem.

★★★★★ Just what I needed

August never fails to please. She is such a sweetheart.  Started with a nice massage and transitioned seamlessly and enthusiastically into more sensual play.  She loves touch and pleasure, and it is mind blowing when you get a partner like that. Treat her well and she’ll make you feel desired. Some of thing may be personal, and connections are always hit or miss in this hobby. Being easy going and appreciative of what the lady has to offer is the best way to leave with a good feeling. She’s my ATF right now, and a pretty unique person.

★★★★★ Her name is August for a reason

Venerable, honored, exalted. Pair it with “Grace” and you’ll find the name quite apt.  I could lose track of all time and myself in her arms, worshipping her lovely Rubenesque curves.  As if there weren’t already enough to capture one’s rapt attention, the best part of my time with August was connecting with her mind. In addition to being simply drop dead gorgeous, she’s smart as a whip (and, though ’s not my particular cup of tea, she probably has a whip or two in her boudoir)

★★★★★ Exceeded my expectations

Communication with August was extremely easy. Location was not hard to find with available parking. I guess I was expecting August to be attractive but I wasn’t prepared for Just how gorgeous was! She totally exceeded my expectations in every way possible! First of all, she is a classic, curvy, sexy, pin-up bombshell with the most beautiful eyes. She greeted me with a warm smile and hug. She has a seasoned soul. For me, that’s one of the qualities I find most attractive about women. She seems to really care. And puts her all into her service. She totally exceeded my expectations in every way. Honestly, I wasn’t prepared for it. The only way I can describe it is, I was blissfully caught off guard! The only regret I have is, I was running a few minutes late. She was so sweet and gracious. If you’re someone who needs to get away to release some stress due to a hectic schedule that requires a lot of your energy I highly recommend August!

★★★★★ Wonderful attitude, sweet and sexy lady

I had the wonderful experience of visiting August Grace in her Oakland incall, a beautiful curated space in a genuine residence. The experience was both nurturing and exciting, and she is a lovely lady both inside and out. I felt like I’d visited a magic kingdom of sensuality, an oasis of pleasure where I was royalty. (I’d heard the expression “you’ll feel like a king,” but now I understand it She is both forward and restrained, cooperative and initiative-taking. I highly recommend!

★★★★★ FBSM at it’s VERY BEST!!!

While I usually seek GFE sessions there are times that I want a FBSM for the massage benefits.  I was perusing PD to select that perfect lady and August’s ad stood out to me.  Communication was easy taking only a couple of texts. Later that afternoon I was in her cozy, studio.  She welcomed me warmly and after a few minutes of chatting and getting to know each other she started her amazing massage.  Her technique was slow and sensual and I was in heaven for the next 90 minutes.  It felt like I had known August for a long time and she treated me like she really wanted to be with me. I will for sure being seeing her again to receive those slow and sensual strokes.

★★★★★ Highly recommended

Sometimes it’s hard to leave a review.  Where do I start? The brain.  Super intelligent.  I know, not the organ you normally look at, but she’s very bright. So bright. Physically, it’s almost secondary, but yes, she has incredible assets. Her eyes are a highlight, they suck you in and keep you there, forever. August was patient, so patient, with my umpteen emails. Definitely on my top 3 list, definitely worth waiting for, definitely, definitely.

★★★★★ August is *incredible*

This was easily one of the hottest things I’ve ever done. August is a special woman. She’s very easy to talk to, comforting, relaxing, authentic, and not the least bit shy. Gorgeous from head to toe, amazingly sensual, ridiculously sexy (and those eyes I’ve honestly never experienced anything like it. In terms of scheduling and communication, she was very easy to work with, responding to emails promptly and professionally. I’m looking forward to visiting her again. Thanks, August!

★★★★★ Sensual and sweet

August is a very caring and intelligent woman that is both down to earth and out of this world. If that’s not too cliche to say! She has a very approachable style and warmth about her in addition to a truly remarkable body. She definitely enjoys mutual touch and is very giving of herself. It was also really straightforward to connect with her, plus convenient and easy parking makes for a stress free experience. I highly recommend August to anyone that is seeking an awesome experience with an amazing woman.

★★★★★ Senses on fire!

Proof positive that you can be soothed and electrified at the same time.  August Grace made me comfortable the moment I walked through the door, with a warm embrace and a beautiful smile.  Once the session started, she began to meticulously soothe my body with the strokes of a true healer.  While my body was falling into a state of deep relaxation, an electric buzz was simultaneously building within me.  Once the energy that she built inside of me was released, my mind and body were in harmony.  I’ll be back, for sure.

★★★★★ Dreamy session

What can I say, my session with August was like a dream.  Imagine going to a museum and stepping through a picture frame to join a beautiful muse or nymph for an hour. She is classically lovely and so erotic. The whole session just flowed from relaxing massage to very intense moments. She is professional, but not at all distant.  She has everything ready so she can put you at ease and focus her energy on melting with you. You won’t regret spending an hour or two with this amazing lady.

★★★★★ FBSM Like it was meant to be

AG is wonderful, I’ve seen her many times. I sent an email to determine the right date and time and shared a reference with her of someone I had recently seen. All checked out and we set up a time for the late afternoon. I met her at her Oakland incall, which is a great location, clean and well appointed. She greeted me with a long hug and we chatted a bit before the shower. I recommend the 90 minute session. I was able to get lost in her energy, she is very sexy and intuitive. Our connection was unique (and I’m a bit of an FBSM veteran), she made me feel wonderful with her focus and touch. I will absolutely see her again, she is very special. Be nice to her, and you will reap what you’ve sewn.

★★★★★ What an amazing woman!

I have seen August a number of times over the last few years, and she is always a delight. She’s very attractive and curvy, and has a smoldering sexuality. Gives a great massage, with a very hot ending. She’s also very intelligent and fun to talk to on any number of subjects. Has a quaint, clean incall in Oakland and is easy to schedule with.

★★★★★ Mind blowing

August Grace was super easy to get a hold of and screening was a breeze. Made a same day appointment and had the time of my life. Her body is absolute perfection from head to toe. She gives a sensual massage and really puts you at ease. I highly recommend seeing her and I will absolutely repeat!

★★★★★ Elegant and Graceful

August is a visual treat, true to her pictures. Verification and scheduling was super easy and she was gracious enough to accommodate my same day reservation in her busy schedule. The session was just spectacular, she made me at ease right from the start. Overall great session. Looking forward to your next session 🙂

★★★★★ Very pleasant, amazing touch, just overwhelming

Felt familiar from the first minute, down-to-earth personality, very easy to get along with, amazing sensual touch, intuitive and emphatic, great feminine vibes, still impressed.

★★★★★ Excellent touch and sensuality

She has truly wonderful hands and a great sense of pacing. She is a savvy and sensual masseuse.

★★★★★ So relaxing!

She knows how to make you relax, fully and thoroughly, throughout the massage. Absolutely masterful sense of touch!

★★★★★ Smart and sexy

Also skilled, sensual, and satisfying.  Captivating eyes, and oh, that a$$.  A feast for the senses.