Sensual and sweet

August is a very caring and intelligent woman that is both down to earth and out of this world. If that’s not too cliche to say! She has a very approachable style and warmth about her in addition to a truly remarkable body. She definitely enjoys mutual touch and is very giving of herself. It was also really straightforward to connect with her, plus convenient and easy parking makes for a stress free experience. I highly recommend August to anyone that is seeking an awesome experience with an amazing woman.


Senses on Fire!

Proof positive that you can be soothed and electrified at the same time. August Grace made me comfortable the moment I walked through the door, with a warm embrace and a beautiful smile. Once the session started, she began to meticulously soothe my body with the strokes of a true healer. While my body was falling into a state of deep relaxation, an electric buzz was simultaneously building within me. Once the energy that she built inside of me was released, my mind and body were in harmony. I’ll be back, for sure.

Dreamy session

What can I say, my session with August was like a dream. Imagine going to a museum and stepping through a picture frame to join a beautiful muse or nymph for an hour. She is classically lovely and so erotic. The whole session just flowed from relaxing massage to very intense moments. She is professional, but not at all distant. She has everything ready so she can put you at ease and focus her energy on melting with you. You won’t regret spending an hour or two with this amazing lady.

Mind blowing

August Grace was super easy to get ahold of and screening was a breeze. Made a same day appointment and had the time of my life. Her body is absolute perfection from head to toe. She gives a sensual massage and really puts you at ease. I highly recommend seeing her and I will absolutely repeat!

Simply Amazing

Perfect session always with the lovely August. She is an artist and natural healer.